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Fake WhatsApp Chat Generator

Create fake WhatsApp chat conversations that look just like a real WhatsApp chart.WhatsApp Fake Chat Generator online

With the help of this Fake WhatsApp Chat Generator tool you can create WhatsApp fake chat.In this tool, you can make chat conversion by setting your name time and profile picture of the person in front of you, which is exactly like real.

How to Use this Fake Whatsapp Chat Tool?

  1. Set your friend's username first
  2. Then set your friend's current DP
  3. Then set the time you want to create the chat
  4. You can see all these settings on your screen
  5. Then user 1 is your friend's WhatsApp, click on it
  6. Then type what you want to write and click in user 2 and type your reply
  7. When the final chat is completed, click on Save As Image, then download the screen shot of fake chat from the window that will open

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